For Android developers among Robocitans

Dear fellow Robocitans,

For those of you who are Android app developers, I heard of good news: the Airpush Ad Network (the well-known app monetization solution) has reached the 10,000 network applications milestone, and much more, serving over 45 million device worldwide. That’s a record that would need a memorial day!

I suggest you give the new Icon Ads option a try. I’ve read good news about it, and trying it out myself together with my Technology professor. Start increasing your Android app advertising revenue today! ;)

Megatron S. (Leader)

P.S. To learn more and get specific stats, follow the link I posted above. For even more info, visit or

6 Funny Horror Films that Will Make You Laugh

f you can’t decide if you would rather watch a horror film or a hilarious comedy, don’t despair! Instead, choose one of these great films, and scream in the scary moments, while laughing during the hilarious scenes. These six films are sure to keep you laughing all night long.

1. My Best Friend is a Vampire
Released in 1988, My Best Friend is a Vampire starts off with Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard), a normal American teenager looking for love. After he begins having dreams about a seductive older woman, Jeremy encounters her at the grocery store one day. His friend encourages Jeremy to share an intimate evening with the woman, but after she bites him and strange men enter the house, he is forced to run for his life. What ensues is pandemonium, as the young teenager tries to deal with becoming a vampire.

2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was made as a spoof of B movies. The movie begins as a woman is attacked in her kitchen by a tomato that comes from her garbage disposal. Tomato attacks are carried out on several different characters, with many of the scenes orchestrated to look similar to other films. As humanity attempts to tackle the tomato problem once and for all, you can be certain that you’ll find yourself laughing at the insanity of it all.

3. Parents
Michael Laemle (Bryan Madorsky) is a young boy living in a suburban neighborhood with his parents Nick (Randy Quaid) and Lily (Mary Beth Hurt). His father works as a mortician, and his mother is a homemaker. Though Michael’s family life is rather idyllic, he becomes suspicious of the meat his parents regularly bring home. When he refuses to eat the human meat his parents try to feed him, Michael’s parents become angry. Where will the young boy find refuge from his psychotic parents?

4. Botched
Richie Donovan (Stephen Dorff) was smuggled into America as a young boy, and now must work as a professional thief to pay off his debts to a rich businessmen. After one of his heists goes wrong when his vehicle crashes, Richie is given a second-chance by being asked to steal an antique in Moscow. Once he and his accomplices have successfully nabbed the antique from the penthouse of a large skyscraper, their elevator mysteriously stops. Believing that the police have caught on to their ruse, hilarity ensues as the gang tries to keep things running smoothly.

5. Teeth
Since its release in 2007, Teeth has become somewhat of a cult classic amongst horror fans. Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler) is the head of a Christian group that encourages abstinence. When she is raped by a friend in a cave, she unwittingly dismembers the man who has violated her. She then discovers that she may have teeth growing in her vagina. A visit to her local gynecologist causes further drama, when her genitalia bite off several of the doctor’s fingers. Mixing horror with hilarity, Teeth will have you laughing, cringing, and screaming in horror.

6. Zombieland
After a massive outbreak of Mad Cow Disease turns most humans into zombies, Columbus, a young college kid, heads home to check on his parents. Along the way, he meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), who is searching for the last Twinkies on Earth. Filled with random events including a visit to Bill Murray’s Hollywood home, this bizarre comedy/horror will have you laughing with glee.

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