A Limited Weekly Offer from Fulmine Petti (essay writer)

Dear Fulmine, you make essay writing look easy to our students. :) I’m sure everybody would appreciate to know you’re now offering 1 FREE essay per week to the week’s most clever high school student!

Yes guys, you should take advantage of this great offer! It only lasts one month starting March 1st, and of course Fulmine will give priority to students who need the most encouragement to keep going. Good luck with your studies, and remember that Fulmine is a fantastic essay writer! ;)

In the meantime, for those of you who want to collaborate with the Leaders by writing in several niches, here’s the list of our currently in-need-of-staff network blogs:


Thank you Robocitans! If you wish to collaborate, send an email to leaders@robocity.in or alternatively to robocitymail@gmail.com OR robocitymail@yahoo.com. Remember to attach full details of yourself and WHY you do wish to collaborate, together with a few clips about your past experience in the specified niche, or your related studies.

We await your fabulous submissions, guys! Good luck.

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

P.S. Tell your friends that our Squidoo page is in need of donors! ;) Everybody can donate easily to Robocity from that page. Thank you.

Chicago vacation rentals for our best Assistants

Dear Robocitans,

I hope the new year has brought you that happiness and financial freedom we’ve striven to ensure you all the past months. :)

This month, February 2012, we Leaders wish to assign 3 Robocitans who proved themselves incredibly helpful with their volunteer Assistance work a discount code for two Chicago vacation rentals (SP Suites) we were told about by Timothy (the Austin robot).

Here’s the three robots who ‘won’ the prize:

Talla Netteri (maintainer of our Blog Network, writer and interviewer)
Ironhide Fastery (keeper of our Squidoo page)
Starscream Seeker (keeper of our HubPages page)

The travel will be accompanied with a bottle of wine for each helper. Thank you guys! We couldn’t pick better Assistants than you! :D

To claim your ‘prize’, guys, please contact leaders@robocity.in or alternatively megatron_robocity@yahoo.it

Many hugs!

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

Thanks spsuites.com for the post. Opinions/background story is 100% Robocitan.