You are What you Wear, Power Dress to your Success

You think that because you are good in interviews, you will be given the job immediately. That’s actually a misconception. Employers would like their employees to be an ‘all – in – one’ package. That means, you need to be smart, and you need to LOOK smart as well.

Power dressing is something that you should consider learning. It will certainly give the interviewers a good impression.

The important question for now is, how do you power dress? How do you make sure that you are represented well by your suit?

Worry no more because I’m going to give you some office fashion tips. Of course, I still want you to look great even while you are behind a desk.

Get a haircut. Do you remember the saying ‘your hair is your crowning glory’? Well, you have to keep that in mind.  Your messy look doesn’t have a room in the corporate industry. If you are a male, it is a must that you get a clean cut. Use wax if necessary. For females, it would be best if you blow dry your hair (you can tie it just to be safe).

Wear day make up. Female applicants must wear light make up. Remember, this is not a night out where you have to put glitters and hot red lipstick. If you will wear heavy makeup, there’s a huge possibility that your interviewer will get distracted. They might focus on how you look and not on what you say. You are screwing everything with that.

Wear smart ensembles. For male applicants, you must have your long sleeves and coats. You don’t have to buy a lot of coats. That would be very costly. What I would like you to invest are ties and long sleeves. That should do the work.

For the opposite gender, blazers are good. You can purchase different dresses. With that, you can mix it with your blazers. You don’t have to buy a new outfit all the time. It’s about time to squeeze out your creative juices.

Keep your clothes clean. There is no time for you to be clumsy. If you are planning to eat or drink coffee prior to your interview, it is a must that you gobble those up carefully. I don’t want you to spill anything on your clothes. You have to remain fresh and clean.

Shine your shoes. You might think that employers look at your face and your top. Well, let me break the ice for you. They look from head to toe. So if you are planning to wear dirty shoes, forget about it. It will just take you 2 minutes to shine it. Don’t skip it!

Cut your fingernails. And for women, please don’t wear neon nail polish. It’s not the best time for that.

The tips above are very easy. However, most of us usually overlook these actions. I prefer that you make a checklist. Be prepared and look prepared before and during interview. With that, you can surely land into a fantastic position.

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