5 Requirements of Being a Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is not for everyone.  It would be wonderful if everyone were willing and able to handle this responsibility but that is just not the case.  Here are 5 requirements of being a foster parent so that you can start to think about if you really have what it takes to be a foster parent.

Have Time To Be A Foster Parent

To be a foster parent, you need to have enough time.  Being a good parent takes a lot of time and being a good foster parent can take even more time.  A foster child is not going to feel anything but neglect if they are being shoved into an already too busy life.  If you want to be a foster parent then you need to open up your schedule so that you have enough time to properly care for your foster child.

No Expectations

Being a foster parent is much easier if you have no expectations.  You don’t know what it will be like and neither does a foster child.  You will have to get used to each other and this could take time.  It may not be an openly loving relationship from the foster child’s end from the start and you need to know that.  It is your responsibility to be a good parent without expecting your foster child to provide you with something in return.

Understand And Use Behavioral Management Strategies

To be a foster parent you need to understand the proven strategies that will help you to manage behavior problems.  Most parents don’t know how to deal with children properly according to proven methods so there is a good chance that the ways that you know to deal with children aren’t the best.  As a foster parent you need to educate yourself on how to use behavior management strategies so that you can effectively manage behaviors without guessing at the right thing to do.

Love Children With Problems

Foster children tend to come with problems.  They often come from bad situations or even unspeakably horrible situations.  Children survive these situations but they do so with problems.  If you are going to be a foster parent then you need to be able and eager to love children with problems.  When you are a foster parent then a child being difficult may be par for the course.  You need to love a child who may have serious problems and who may be taking those problems out on you.

Be Dedicated

One of the main requirements of being a foster parent is that you be dedicated.  Foster children have been through enough without having a foster parent who gives up on them just because they are being difficult while they are trying to deal with all they have been through.  Being a foster parent means making a commitment to stay with your foster child through all the problems.  You can seek extra help from others and even professional help but you don’t give up on your foster child.  Being a foster parent means being someone your foster child can count on even through the hard times.

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