We’re working on a Robocity Dating network

Based on existing services, us Leaders decided to start on an experiment that will see the implementation, within the Robocity network, of a dating site dedicated to 15+ Robocitans.

For this project, which we hope will meet many of our fellow citizens’ approval, we need contributors to help with:

  • site layout
  • weekly blog posts
  • beta tester (site functions, styles, etc.)
  • profile moderation

Anyone willing to volunteer?

If you’re interested, please contact us at leaders@robocity.in. The only requisite is that you can provide weekly assistance and feedback to any or all of us (Leaders) on any functions, bugs and abuses you run into.


Shotfire A.  (Leader)

Robocity Adoption News

Let’s congratulate the following wonderful Robocitans for adopting this week!

Pink Congratulations to Aquila Skies and Ladyjet Fliers

Our tenderhearted Senior Citizens Aquila Skies and Ladyjet Fliers have added a little girl to their pack of boys. They had already adopted a young Cybertronian orphan – Ironbreaker – back in March, but now they were granted adoption of a little Decepticon sweetheart from the same orphanage – little Raelita. She’s only 2 and a little genius, from the way Aquila describes her. Best wishes and great bonding moments, guys!

Blue Congratulations to Beachrider Saint

Our citizen Beachrider Saint, who lives with his adopted brother and room-mate Mitra Blasery, adopted Altha Morres, a 7 years old new Robocitan who joined the community this morning. “I’ve always wanted a daughter to myself,” he confessed, “and when this morning I looked Altha in the eyes all I could think was ‘She’s my baby!’. I could just follow my heart then. Altha is my child and I love her already.”

~ Shotfire A. (Leader)