Chicago vacation rentals for our best Assistants

Dear Robocitans,

I hope the new year has brought you that happiness and financial freedom we’ve striven to ensure you all the past months. :)

This month, February 2012, we Leaders wish to assign 3 Robocitans who proved themselves incredibly helpful with their volunteer Assistance work a discount code for two Chicago vacation rentals (SP Suites) we were told about by Timothy (the Austin robot).

Here’s the three robots who ‘won’ the prize:

Talla Netteri (maintainer of our Blog Network, writer and interviewer)
Ironhide Fastery (keeper of our Squidoo page)
Starscream Seeker (keeper of our HubPages page)

The travel will be accompanied with a bottle of wine for each helper. Thank you guys! We couldn’t pick better Assistants than you! :D

To claim your ‘prize’, guys, please contact or alternatively

Many hugs!

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

Thanks for the post. Opinions/background story is 100% Robocitan.

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