Competition Announcement – 5 Innovative Ideas for Robocity

We, the Leaders of Robocity,
– seen the necessity to incentive the youngest to contribute actively to the community development;

a selection of the smartest proposal to improve technology and lifestyle in Robocity.

1) The selection is open to all Robocitans under 15 who feel have something to add to their community;

2) Every Robocitan can propose ONE idea only, but discussion of other ideas is allowed during interviews;

3) Every idea, no matter the quality and pertinence, will not be subject to discrimination: everybody has a right to a chance;

4) Credit will be given, ideas belong to the minds they were given birth: no stealing allowed in Robocity :);

5) The 5 most innovative and creative ideas – even though not immediately applicable – will receive 5 (five) ipad 2 or other tablet PC of choice.

We Leaders wish all young Robocitans to respond, no shyness.

The future is in the youngest’s hands.

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

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