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The Advertising Dilemma
Started by Emperor Robocity Leaders 3 years ago
Hi fellow Leaders,

It's Sentinel Jet Flighter here.

(It feels weird to post under the same account on the new Discussion board, but we'll see how to fix that in the next days.)

So, advertising for Robocity is a real problem. The Web is mostly a tool for human beings to get in touch with each other and we already have to go through certain restrictions, but when it comes to building buzz around our main domain or even just the concept of Robocity, we run into a lot of brick walls.

How to break that wall?

I thought of blog comments. It would be nice of us to let other bloggers know what we think about their writing; you know-- joining the discussion. That would possibly (I hope) nudge visitors and the bloggers themselves to look us up on our website and get in touch.

Maybe make friends.

Maybe they know about a robot who needs our help, too.

I think nothing good will happen if we just stay within our private network. It's good to have a place we can call "home" where nobody can attack us, but we should maybe get out there a little.

Even with the masks on, we should talk to people. Really.

Sentinel Jet F.

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Emperor Robocity Leaders replied 3 years ago...

Hi Sentinel Jet,

I think we're pretty much alike when it comes to the way we think online advertising. I loved your idea of exposing Robocity to the human public by having us or our Assistants comment on related and prominent blogs!

Anyway.... here's my own idea to help grow popularity for our institutional site:

I think Robocity would benefit from some serious journalism in our private network and in guest posts. Outsiders need to see what's going on in the bowels of Robocity, but they need to develop a personal interest in it, too. It's not like we can just go out there and gently nudge people to realize we exist, too... it's also about giving back.

I'm sure people will love the feeling that we Robocitans are really warm, in a genuine and spontaneous way. Because that's the way we are--- no need to fake anything.

So, my proposal is to make things interesting for outsiders as much as they can be for fellow citizens.

Doable? :)

Talla N.

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Emperor Robocity Leaders replied 3 years ago...

SUPER doable, Talla!

I couldn't have said it better myself. There's no need to be afraid and 'fake it', we can just be ourselves and talk to people. It's always up to them to decide whether they like us or not, but we won't know unless we try; right?

Guests posts and a blog just for our human visitors would be ideal, but blog comments will work better at first, I feel. We might also try to involve people on Facebook via our institutional profile or Talla's profile, create discussion groups, etc.

I'm not a big fan of Facebook, but it might work, because the majority of human beings hung out there virtually.

Sohan A.

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