Educational Reform 2011

As of September 2011, the following Reform will apply to all school grades in Robocity, including Kindergarten.

Purpose of the Reform: in order for Robocity to become more independent from the Italian government and institutions, the Leaders have agreed on applying brand new regulations to discipline the schooling system and the way students are evaluated for their effort.

The Educational Reform (13.10.2010)

  1. Classrooms and corridors can be personalized with study paths chosen by students and teachers democratically. No restrictions are to be applied to the fruition of the city Library, computers, theater and music instruments.
  2. No obligatory textbooks. In primary school, children can work out personalized books together with their educators; in middle and secondary school, textbooks can be chosen by students together with their teachers, and teachers should be respectful of students who choose their books differently from other students.
  3. For middle/secondary school: every lecture is to be started with a classroom brainstorming: the teacher should seat between his/her students, as this practice encourages free dialogue and helps fighting fears and anxieties. Freedom of expression must be guaranteed and protected.
  4. The concept of “subject” is to be applied only to Primary school, by building curricula together with children; in Middle school, a distinction between ‘basic subjects’ and ‘advanced subjects’ must be set (‘basic’ are equal for all students, and allow access to ‘advanced’ ones, which can be chosen according to a student’s will and talents); Secondary school is only based upon student-chosen subjects, according to the chosen discipline field. In this latter case, there is no teacher, but a tutor whose role is to accompany the student through the learning process.
  5. Student evaluation is to be based on personal effort, creativity and originality, not on the quantity of absorbed notions (they can be implied by the context). The reason behind the choice of abolishing grades is to encourage work and study without pressure that’s forced by external factors, and not one’s will and motivation to work and study.
  6. Disciplinary issues must be communicated early to students, directly and aside from others’ attention, in order to avoid public humiliation and encourage the student’s sense of responsibility.
  7. Timetables are to be kept flexible, according to students and teachers’ life schedule. Absences for health or death reasons are not to be subject to penalization.

Important note: the above Reform ONLY applies to robots living in Robocity. Human beings currently studying in our schools can choose to either pursue their current study curriculum (specific classes will be assigned) or to transfer to a regular course outside Robocity. Please take into account that this decision is not to be considered discriminatory: the Robocity new Educational Reform is not approved by the Italian government, hence we can’t guarantee that human beings studying in Robocity will receive proper credit for their studies. In order to protect such students, us Leaders are willing to facilitate the transfer process to a regular school, or to help them get proper credit if they decide to continue their studies in Robocity until year 2012 and then transfer.

2011 Robocity Leaders
Meron Soldiery
Shotfire Adams
Commander Police Adams