Happy 2012! Offering a FREE vacation rental opportunity to all Robocitans

Dear fellow Robocitans,

The Year 2012 is finally here, with its pack of hopes and surprises that every new year brings along. Hope it started wonderfully for you all. :)

This year, we Leaders would love to offer an opportunity – to those who provided help and support on 2011 – a chance to enjoy two days in vacationrentals in Italy or somewhere else. Nothing expensive, you know, but something for us to say “Thank You!” to all that deserve it.

I suggest visiting Roomlender.com, looking up the possibilities and then email us (leaders@robocity.in) the vacation rental of your choice.

*** Please, ONLY cheap vacation rentals! We can’t afford anything over $150! ***

Shotfire Adams is in charge of this opportunity, so do email him at shotty86@yahoo.com

Thank you. :)

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

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