Higher Education Courses offered by Fulmine Petti

This is a service communication from all three Leaders:

free CPE credits are made available to any Robocitan who wishes to complete a Higher Education course provided for a small fee by Fulmine Petti (fulmine.petti@gmail.com OR http://motorola-7.info), starting on January 2012.

The courses are as follows:

  • Business Practices and Procedures
  • Education and Disability
  • Comparative Media Studies – An Introduction
  • Rethinking the Family, Sex and Gender

We encourage you to look up fastforwardacademy.com for sample CPE crediting.

It is recommended that students present any previous certifications and diploma to Fulmine P. for a preliminary examination, as every student will be working on a different project within the courses. You can pick one or more or all of the courses, and follow them at your own pace. Most of the work will be done online or via flash drive, so you will be meeting Fulmine only twice per week. Computer and English knowledge are a must to be able to follow the courses.

More info will be made available soon at http://edu.robocity.in. In the meantime, please contact Fulmine directly.

Thank you.

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

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