LadyJet offers 2 FREE crystal singing bowls

Dear Robocitans,

Our fellow citizen and veteran educator LadyJet is offering two FREE crystal singing bowls (see here for example) to neo-moms in need in our community. In fact, LadyJet believes a relaxation method provided by these beautifully sounding crystal bowls will help moms deliver healthy babies and will improve the mom’s overall health.

If you think your case applies, feel free to contact us Leaders at We’ll contact LadyJet for you, asking her to get back to you personally.

In other news, we’re soon having our MOMS ONLY online community for Robocitans – in Italian – and we may put up an English version soon too. For general discussions in Italian, please visit our Intranet forum (NOTE: doesn’t exist anymore it has been merged with the Intranet boards).

See you there, Robocitans!

~ Shotfire A. (Leader)

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