Entrepreneurial Skills – Your Professional Development

Entrepreneurial Skills – Your Professional Development

A guest post by Jared Morrison.

The term entrepreneur refers to an individual who takes risk in order to exercise an idea or venture that he himself is the architect of. It is important that we do not confuse regular businessmen with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs try to incite change, whereas traditional businessmen work with the motive of earning a profit.

Entrepreneurial ventures, of course, also earn profits for their creators but the underlining difference between them and traditional business concepts is that entrepreneurial ventures are not started solely with the intention of earning a profit.

Entrepreneurs, as mentioned earlier, strive for change. They have an idea and they would do all it takes to put that idea into action. They are high risk takers – not caring about the hazardous consequences they might face if their plans fail.

Like leaders, some people are born to be entrepreneurs. Others can learn how to be one with the proper training. However, it is important to understand that despite the training, one can only be a successful entrepreneur if he has that innate flair.

Like every other project that one might choose to start, entrepreneurs also require the right set of skills to be successful. The fact that makes them stand out is that they are very passionate about their business. A businessman may be interested in his business as long as it earns him a fair bit of profit but it he may not necessarily love his job. An entrepreneur, however, would treat his venture as his baby. He would love everything about it, regardless of its profitability, because he has fathered the very idea of its existence.

Other than the passion that needs to be possessed by every entrepreneur, there are a number of skills that determine the success of every entrepreneur. The first, of course, is self confidence. Unless a person is extremely stupid he would never invest in an idea he is not confident about. Entrepreneurs are extremely confident about themselves and of course, their ideas. Moreover, they require extremely good team management and leadership skills. These skills become essential when the venture requires human resources to operate. Human resource is, of course, required by all ventures but not all entrepreneurs can invest largely in human capital when they decide to first implement the idea. They are visionary people and do not cares about short term gains as long as they are on track with the long term targets they have set for themselves.

Remember, these are the skills that you need to work on if you plan to be an entrepreneur one day. However, the list of skills required is not limited to these only. Entrepreneurs have to be creative and be good planners because they, themselves, know exactly what their venture is all about and where they want to see it in the future.

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Promoting and Managing Business Networking Events

Promoting and Managing Business Networking Events

Our guest author for this post is Lynzie Adams, a freelance copywriter. She writes on multiple topics (including event management and marketing) and has had guest posts published across the web on sites like blogsession.co.uk and listingthings.co.uk. She lives with her husband and two children.


Holding business networking events has a host of benefits both for yourself and your attendees:

  • The opportunity to meet new potential clients and suppliers
  • The opportunity to share knowledge and information about your industry
  • Potential for people talking about your event through social channels and their blogs which could result in some great brand mentions for you and maybe inbound links to your websites

But an event is only as successful as its attendees and who you’ll get present depends very much on how you promote and manage it.

Event Promotion

Making people aware of your event is your first challenge.

  • Start with an email shot, sending info about your event to:
    • Your existing clients
    • Your existing prospects
    • Your existing suppliers
    • Competitors (where relevant)
    • Other businesses in your local area, where you have contact details
    • Move on to listing your event in your local business press and industry press
    • List on social network event listings facilities, such as Facebook Events and Google Plus Events
    • List your event on Eventbrite – this is a global listings website with millions of monthly visits and is a great place to list your event
    • If you have any high profile attendees or speakers, ask them to promote it to their own audiences online

Event Management

There are three elements to this you need to consider; before, during and after.

  • Beforehand, a clear and easy registration system, either through your own online event management software or Eventbrite’s own registrant system. Eventbrite also has a mobile app that enables users to keep their event tickets on their mobile devices and lets them check in. You’ll need to ensure, whichever way you do it, that your users know where, when and what they’ll need to bring!
  • During the event, make sure everyone has name badges and that if there’s any formal talks, someone is leading them. Ensure everyone has the opportunity to get everyone else’s contact details – vital for business networking. Make sure you deliver on the promises you promote. If you mentioned catering, ensure there’s catering!
  • After the event – you should have all contact details from registration. Contact everyone to thank them for their attendance and encourage anyone who found the event useful to share it on social media or their own blogs. Email those who did not attend to summarise the event, any useful information for them etc. This could just encourage them to turn up next time!

Hosting an event is hard work! But done right, you can build a reputation for yourself and make some valuable contacts in the process.

Image credit: Jodi Womack (Creative Commons). Featured Image: Paul Inkles.

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You are What you Wear, Power Dress to your Success

You think that because you are good in interviews, you will be given the job immediately. That’s actually a misconception. Employers would like their employees to be an ‘all – in – one’ package. That means, you need to be smart, and you need to LOOK smart as well.

Power dressing is something that you should consider learning. It will certainly give the interviewers a good impression.

The important question for now is, how do you power dress? How do you make sure that you are represented well by your suit?

Worry no more because I’m going to give you some office fashion tips. Of course, I still want you to look great even while you are behind a desk.

Get a haircut. Do you remember the saying ‘your hair is your crowning glory’? Well, you have to keep that in mind.  Your messy look doesn’t have a room in the corporate industry. If you are a male, it is a must that you get a clean cut. Use wax if necessary. For females, it would be best if you blow dry your hair (you can tie it just to be safe).

Wear day make up. Female applicants must wear light make up. Remember, this is not a night out where you have to put glitters and hot red lipstick. If you will wear heavy makeup, there’s a huge possibility that your interviewer will get distracted. They might focus on how you look and not on what you say. You are screwing everything with that.

Wear smart ensembles. For male applicants, you must have your long sleeves and coats. You don’t have to buy a lot of coats. That would be very costly. What I would like you to invest are ties and long sleeves. That should do the work.

For the opposite gender, blazers are good. You can purchase different dresses. With that, you can mix it with your blazers. You don’t have to buy a new outfit all the time. It’s about time to squeeze out your creative juices.

Keep your clothes clean. There is no time for you to be clumsy. If you are planning to eat or drink coffee prior to your interview, it is a must that you gobble those up carefully. I don’t want you to spill anything on your clothes. You have to remain fresh and clean.

Shine your shoes. You might think that employers look at your face and your top. Well, let me break the ice for you. They look from head to toe. So if you are planning to wear dirty shoes, forget about it. It will just take you 2 minutes to shine it. Don’t skip it!

Cut your fingernails. And for women, please don’t wear neon nail polish. It’s not the best time for that.

The tips above are very easy. However, most of us usually overlook these actions. I prefer that you make a checklist. Be prepared and look prepared before and during interview. With that, you can surely land into a fantastic position.

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Useful Skills That Get You Hired

There are many types of job skills of interest to employers. However, some of these skills always rank toward the top when it comes to getting hired.

Communication Skills

One of the most important skills in any position is communication skills. Communication skills include listening, writing and speaking. Even the most basic jobs require listening skills. For example, a foreman gives a new plant worker instructions for the day. If the plant worker has effective listening skills, he won’t need to ask twice about the instructions. This saves time and money. Both workers get more done because the foreman doesn’t have to keep answering the plant worker’s questions.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are also extremely important. Most companies use more email than verbal communication. Therefore, instructions, requests and information is passed between employees many times per day. Those who have excellent writing skills can get their points across without further explanation. Taking writing skills a step further, managers need them to write reports, highlighting key findings and financial results. They must also know how to write executive summaries to summarize their information. And managers and executives must be able to convey their ideas in meetings, or present information in an understandable format.

Organization Skills

Organization skills are also desired by employers. Most departments have many projects to complete in a given month. Hiring managers prefer job candidates that can hit the ground running when the start. That is, they want people who are organized. For example, managers must be able to divide projects into tasks, and assign those tasks to the right employees. They must have a general idea on how long the tasks will take so they can meet project deadlines. Part of organization is prioritizing projects. A manager never has a set number of projects. More projects come up which they must prioritize. The most important ones take precedence over others, especially requests from the president. Managers and employees with organizational skills know how to rearrange their schedules to get things done.

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills are extremely important. Most companies face dilemmas or problems, whether it’s faulty products, customer complaints or aggressive competitors. And there are usually multiple solutions for problems. In other words, employees may take several steps to derive a favorable outcome. Hiring managers want to hire people who know how to analyze problems and develop viable solutions. Companies hire workers who can demonstrate they can handle these types of situations. A job seeker may explain how he handled a similar problem on a previous job.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are also essential today. Almost everyone has a laptop or computer on their desks, or at least access to one. Sales people submit daily orders to their companies through computers. Those looking for jobs should know how to use the Internet for research and information. They must also be familiar with the most popular email packages. Other important software includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Cell phones are also like computers. Managers, in particular, must know how to retrieve messages and text with their cell phones.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important for people in influential positions. Leaders take control of teams or departments. They know how to center their departments’ goals around those of their companies. Leaders must also know how to manage different types of employees. Some prefer more supervisor while others are more self-directed. They like challenges and want to take on more responsibilities. Leaders must also know how to motivate employees to achieve excellent results.


Author’s Bio
Damian is an internet marketer and full-time blogger from Australia. Right now he contributes for SkyeRecruitment.com, one of the best recruitment websites for mining jobs in Australia.

6 Funny Horror Films that Will Make You Laugh

f you can’t decide if you would rather watch a horror film or a hilarious comedy, don’t despair! Instead, choose one of these great films, and scream in the scary moments, while laughing during the hilarious scenes. These six films are sure to keep you laughing all night long.

1. My Best Friend is a Vampire
Released in 1988, My Best Friend is a Vampire starts off with Jeremy (Robert Sean Leonard), a normal American teenager looking for love. After he begins having dreams about a seductive older woman, Jeremy encounters her at the grocery store one day. His friend encourages Jeremy to share an intimate evening with the woman, but after she bites him and strange men enter the house, he is forced to run for his life. What ensues is pandemonium, as the young teenager tries to deal with becoming a vampire.

2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was made as a spoof of B movies. The movie begins as a woman is attacked in her kitchen by a tomato that comes from her garbage disposal. Tomato attacks are carried out on several different characters, with many of the scenes orchestrated to look similar to other films. As humanity attempts to tackle the tomato problem once and for all, you can be certain that you’ll find yourself laughing at the insanity of it all.

3. Parents
Michael Laemle (Bryan Madorsky) is a young boy living in a suburban neighborhood with his parents Nick (Randy Quaid) and Lily (Mary Beth Hurt). His father works as a mortician, and his mother is a homemaker. Though Michael’s family life is rather idyllic, he becomes suspicious of the meat his parents regularly bring home. When he refuses to eat the human meat his parents try to feed him, Michael’s parents become angry. Where will the young boy find refuge from his psychotic parents?

4. Botched
Richie Donovan (Stephen Dorff) was smuggled into America as a young boy, and now must work as a professional thief to pay off his debts to a rich businessmen. After one of his heists goes wrong when his vehicle crashes, Richie is given a second-chance by being asked to steal an antique in Moscow. Once he and his accomplices have successfully nabbed the antique from the penthouse of a large skyscraper, their elevator mysteriously stops. Believing that the police have caught on to their ruse, hilarity ensues as the gang tries to keep things running smoothly.

5. Teeth
Since its release in 2007, Teeth has become somewhat of a cult classic amongst horror fans. Dawn O’Keefe (Jess Weixler) is the head of a Christian group that encourages abstinence. When she is raped by a friend in a cave, she unwittingly dismembers the man who has violated her. She then discovers that she may have teeth growing in her vagina. A visit to her local gynecologist causes further drama, when her genitalia bite off several of the doctor’s fingers. Mixing horror with hilarity, Teeth will have you laughing, cringing, and screaming in horror.

6. Zombieland
After a massive outbreak of Mad Cow Disease turns most humans into zombies, Columbus, a young college kid, heads home to check on his parents. Along the way, he meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), who is searching for the last Twinkies on Earth. Filled with random events including a visit to Bill Murray’s Hollywood home, this bizarre comedy/horror will have you laughing with glee.

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