PLEASE Inform Your Leaders Of Any Initiatives!

PLEASE Inform Your Leaders Of Any Initiatives!

It has come to our attention that a group of Robocitans is collecting funds to build a bar complete with outdoor furniture, stools, catering supplies and various equipment, and that this is going to be a gift for our renowed cook Prometeus Spacey.

While we appreciate initiatives of this kind, we – as Leaders of Robocity – would like to be informed of what is going on in our town, so PLEASE: next time you come up with an initiative, send us an informative file or just call us for an informal meeting. Thank you.

Just so you know for certain, we are always available to support our citizens, but we need to know what happens in Robocity so we can keep track of constructions, expenses and even community needs, and provide as much help as possible. We do need a bar, that’s verified, but the construction is going to be a major action that will involve the entire city’s resources. One more reason to keep your Leaders informed.

In any case, there are several stores online that provide bar supplies and that you can use to get at least a quote of how much you need to spend for such a grand initiative. Look up stores like ABestKitchen, PeachSuite, KetWorks or to get an good idea of the expense, even though all of these stores offer discounts here and there.

You should get in touch with ex-Leader Ancieron Loveheart to get some more specific information about supplies. It doesn’t hurt to ask. :)

Good luck!

~ Meron S. (Leader)

$375 Just From The Site Donation Poll! Thank you!

$375 Just From The Site Donation Poll! Thank you!

We collected $375 just from the donation poll here on the site’s sidebar! It’s amazing, guys. :) Thank you so much, from the bottom of our and the rest of Robocity’s hearts.

Shotfire and I will be working hard to make this site grow, get more Robocitans to write for its network and hopefully give back to YOU in fun, entertaining ways (freebies? YEP!).

Stay tuned. ;)

~ Meron S. (Leader)

Soliciting Guest Post Submissions

Soliciting Guest Post Submissions

Many of our fellow citizens emailed us to ask that the MIT OpenCourseware be added to the list of student and teacher resources on

We’ll do it. Tomorrow. :) Thanks for your recommendation!

Starting next week, we’ll be actively encouraging guest post submissions. In fact, we’re certain outsiders’ work may add incredible value to our already extensive network, and giving people a chance to link to Robocity and come over for a visit can’t be bad. At all.

Also, we would like to increase the visibility of our Institutional website.

We don’t have any writer’s guidelines ready as of yet, but we’re working on a specific page to put online. We won’t be able to pay anyone in cash for their efforts, but we’ll be generous with backlinks and homepage permanence (1 week minimum). Also, we’re hoping to give each guest writer a freebie, even though that’s still in the works, too. Possibly an informative e-book.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be focusing on a series of posts on business networking, because the start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives are on the rise in Robocity and we feel that’s right to encourage this trend for Robocity to become more and more independent from the Italian gov.

~ Meron S. (Leader)

Teaching in Robocity – The Dilemma

Our community began to accept outsider teachers in 2003, when the Robocitans demographics started to spiral upward and our ‘in-house’ experts no longer sufficed to the number of classrooms that had to be formed.

We were forced to start hiring outsider teachers.

The problem our first Leaders had to face was multifaceted:

  • How would the new teachers get paid for their work?
  • What if the Robocity budget was too low to allow for a decent retribution?
  • What would these people think of entirely robotic classrooms?
  • What if a non-monetary retribution was offered, instead?

It was a dilemma. Three teachers were hired that year that soon abandoned their positions because they would not stand working ‘for free’ (as they defined working 3 hours a week for €300/month) when they could get better paying jobs elsewhere. How to blame them? They were right! But Robocity has always been a poor community: teaching here means volunteer work, and our previous Leaders made it crystal clear since the first day, during the interviews.

Today we still have teachers who come here thinking we’d offer who knows how much money. NO. We can’t afford that. We couldn’t in the past, and we can’t now. We have some wonderful outsider teachers who truly care about Robocitans, in fact they often come to Robocity on Saturdays to tutor our students. BUT they’re a sad minority.

What we did with the 2011 Reform was trying to concentrate every education effort inside Robocity, not outside. Many Robocitans have come to us asking for advice on how to become teachers, and you know we’re thrilled to have them on the edu board! That also means that we won’t be hiring outsider teachers anymore, unless they made a specific request to volunteer as teachers in Robocity.

Volunteer, your read it right.

As sad and close-minded as it might sound, it was the only practicable option. Until a better future will come.

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

We’re working on a Robocity Dating network

Based on existing services, us Leaders decided to start on an experiment that will see the implementation, within the Robocity network, of a dating site dedicated to 15+ Robocitans.

For this project, which we hope will meet many of our fellow citizens’ approval, we need contributors to help with:

  • site layout
  • weekly blog posts
  • beta tester (site functions, styles, etc.)
  • profile moderation

Anyone willing to volunteer?

If you’re interested, please contact us at The only requisite is that you can provide weekly assistance and feedback to any or all of us (Leaders) on any functions, bugs and abuses you run into.


Shotfire A.  (Leader)