$6,000 for May 2012— THANK YOU!

Even this month we managed to raise a 4-figure amount for our community sustainance: the goodness of $6,000!

I, as a Leader, want to personally thank everybody who took time to donate $5 to $500 to Robocity in May 2012— you really helped us thrive! This community wouldn’t be the same without the kind donations of its lovers and supporters so, when you can, please consider spreading the word about us on social networks and blogs. We would appreciate it so much. :)

Lots of love!

~ Megatron S.  (Leader)

Robocity Adoption News

Let’s congratulate the following wonderful Robocitans for adopting this week!

Pink Congratulations to Aquila Skies and Ladyjet Fliers

Our tenderhearted Senior Citizens Aquila Skies and Ladyjet Fliers have added a little girl to their pack of boys. They had already adopted a young Cybertronian orphan – Ironbreaker – back in March, but now they were granted adoption of a little Decepticon sweetheart from the same orphanage – little Raelita. She’s only 2 and a little genius, from the way Aquila describes her. Best wishes and great bonding moments, guys!

Blue Congratulations to Beachrider Saint

Our citizen Beachrider Saint, who lives with his adopted brother and room-mate Mitra Blasery, adopted Altha Morres, a 7 years old new Robocitan who joined the community this morning. “I’ve always wanted a daughter to myself,” he confessed, “and when this morning I looked Altha in the eyes all I could think was ‘She’s my baby!’. I could just follow my heart then. Altha is my child and I love her already.”

~ Shotfire A. (Leader)

We need every Robocitan to contribute. To keep Robocity a welfare.

Dear Robocitans,

I’m sure you understand the currently ongoing financial situation. On 2010 and 2011 we’ve made use of bank loans to help funding our restructuring works around the city, as well as to build a new edifice. In recent weeks, then, we had to ask for car title loans in the amount of $6,000 to get more vehicles to use as public transport (please refer to the Robocity Public Transport page under the “Robocity” section of this site).

Naturally, you understand that all Robocitans ought to contribute a small amount for us to make it with monthly payments. Asking is never an easy task to perform, for us Leaders and for our Assistants, but it’s clear that the Robocity welfare needs everybody’s contribution to keep a stable balance; we give and we take, in equal measure.

Every contributing individual or family will receive a monthly statement and a report on the state of monthly payments.

I take for a given that you understand how expensive traditional title loans are, and how dangerous they can turn for “poor” customers such as us Robocitans. You’ll convene with me that we can’t let our lenders repossess our vehicles and to put us in financial trouble… Robocity would no longer exist. That risk is unacceptable.

That’s why we opted for a new car title loan product such like that provided by HelpingLoans.com. We need the best tools to keep our town at its own best.

Opinions? Suggestions? Any feedback?
We Leaders are here for you.

Thanks to helpingloans.com for help with this post.

~ C. Police (Leader)

LadyJet offers 2 FREE crystal singing bowls

Dear Robocitans,

Our fellow citizen and veteran educator LadyJet is offering two FREE crystal singing bowls (see here for example) to neo-moms in need in our community. In fact, LadyJet believes a relaxation method provided by these beautifully sounding crystal bowls will help moms deliver healthy babies and will improve the mom’s overall health.

If you think your case applies, feel free to contact us Leaders at leaders@robocity.in. We’ll contact LadyJet for you, asking her to get back to you personally.

In other news, we’re soon having our MOMS ONLY online community for Robocitans – in Italian – and we may put up an English version soon too. For general discussions in Italian, please visit our Intranet forum (NOTE: robocity.cybnet.info doesn’t exist anymore it has been merged with the Intranet boards).

See you there, Robocitans!

~ Shotfire A. (Leader)

A Limited Weekly Offer from Fulmine Petti (essay writer)

Dear Fulmine, you make essay writing look easy to our students. :) I’m sure everybody would appreciate to know you’re now offering 1 FREE essay per week to the week’s most clever high school student!

Yes guys, you should take advantage of this great offer! It only lasts one month starting March 1st, and of course Fulmine will give priority to students who need the most encouragement to keep going. Good luck with your studies, and remember that Fulmine is a fantastic essay writer! ;)

In the meantime, for those of you who want to collaborate with the Leaders by writing in several niches, here’s the list of our currently in-need-of-staff network blogs:


Thank you Robocitans! If you wish to collaborate, send an email to leaders@robocity.in or alternatively to robocitymail@gmail.com OR robocitymail@yahoo.com. Remember to attach full details of yourself and WHY you do wish to collaborate, together with a few clips about your past experience in the specified niche, or your related studies.

We await your fabulous submissions, guys! Good luck.

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

P.S. Tell your friends that our Squidoo page is in need of donors! ;) Everybody can donate easily to Robocity from that page. Thank you.