PLEASE Inform Your Leaders Of Any Initiatives!

August 28, 2013Posted by Leaders


It has come to our attention that a group of Robocitans is collecting funds to build a bar complete with outdoor furniture, stools, catering supplies and various equipment, and that this is going to be a gift for our renowed cook Unicron Spacey.

While we appreciate initiatives of this kind, we – as Leaders of Robocity – would like to be informed of what is going on in our town, so PLEASE: next time you come up with an initiative, send us an informative file or just call us for an informal meeting. Thank you.

Just so you know for certain, we are always available to support our citizens, but we need to know what happens in Robocity so we can keep track of constructions, expenses and even community needs, and provide as much help as possible. We need a bar, that’s proven, but the construction is going to be a major action that will involve the entire city’s resources. One more reason to keep your Leaders informed. ;)

In any case, there are several stores online that provide hotel bar supplies and that you can use to get at least a quote of how much you need to spend for such a grand initiative. The Atlanta Hotel Supply store can give you a good idea of the expense, although that store is quite cheap for one of its kind.

You should get in touch with ex-Leader Primus Loveheart to get some more specific Hotel Supply Online information. It doesn’t hurt to ask. :)

Good luck!

~ Megatron S. (Leader)

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