The Statute of Robocity

ART. 1 ~ Definition
The community known as Robocity is an autonomous entity, located within another autonomous entity which is Genzano di Roma, a province of Rome in the Latium region. Robocity approves on the Italian Constitution and makes it its own, and is subject to the same taxation and oners as every other entity present on the Italian territory.
ART. 2 ~ Autonomy
The attribution of local autonomy and independency is relevant to the being of the entity in itself.
– Robocity has normative, organitional, administrative autonomy within the statute, regulations and laws of the city it’s hosted in.
– Robocity aims at promoting and sustaining charity activities, being founded as a charity entity in itself.
– Robocity finalize its scopes by the method of programming, and it conforms itself to the european, international action.
– Robocity Leaders activity is finalized at the reaching of the goals fixed according to the criterions of economicity of management, efficiency and effectiveness; it also persecutes goals of transparency and simplification.
– Robocity, to reach its goals, also promotes collaborative and interchange relationships with other local communities (including the host Genzano).

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