Soliciting Guest Post Submissions

Many of our fellow citizens emailed us to ask that the MIT OpenCourseware be added to the list of student and teacher resources on

We’ll do it. Tomorrow. :) Thanks for your recommendation!

Starting next week, we’ll be actively encouraging guest post submissions. In fact, we’re certain outsiders’ work may add incredible value to our already extensive network, and giving people a chance to link to Robocity and come over for a visit can’t be bad. At all.

Also, we would like to increase the visibility of our Institutional website.

We don’t have any writer’s guidelines ready as of yet, but we’re working on a specific page to put online. We won’t be able to pay anyone in cash for their efforts, but we’ll be generous with backlinks and homepage permanence (1 week minimum). Also, we’re hoping to give each guest writer a freebie, even though that’s still in the works, too. Possibly an informative e-book.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be focusing on a series of posts on business networking, because the start-ups and entrepreneurial initiatives are on the rise in Robocity and we feel that’s right to encourage this trend for Robocity to become more and more independent from the Italian gov.

~ Meron S. (Leader)

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