Updates About The Austin Project

Timothy from the moving company austin let us know that his group of Experimental robots is willing to have a small Robocity refuge(townhome) built in the Austin area.

The project would take no less than 8 months to be done, and it’s not starting before December 10th, 2011. Any Robocitan willing to donate to the Roboaustin Fund is welcome to contact leaders@robocity.in. We’ll get in touch.

Thanks for your attention.

Brought to you by www.longoriamoving.com.

~ C. Police (Leader)

One thought on “Updates About The Austin Project

  • March 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Austin is a great place to try this out as well as a great place to live. I love Austin each and every time I go there.


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