Useful Skills That Get You Hired

There are many types of job skills of interest to employers. However, some of these skills always rank toward the top when it comes to getting hired.

Communication Skills

One of the most important skills in any position is communication skills. Communication skills include listening, writing and speaking. Even the most basic jobs require listening skills. For example, a foreman gives a new plant worker instructions for the day. If the plant worker has effective listening skills, he won’t need to ask twice about the instructions. This saves time and money. Both workers get more done because the foreman doesn’t have to keep answering the plant worker’s questions.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are also extremely important. Most companies use more email than verbal communication. Therefore, instructions, requests and information is passed between employees many times per day. Those who have excellent writing skills can get their points across without further explanation. Taking writing skills a step further, managers need them to write reports, highlighting key findings and financial results. They must also know how to write executive summaries to summarize their information. And managers and executives must be able to convey their ideas in meetings, or present information in an understandable format.

Organization Skills

Organization skills are also desired by employers. Most departments have many projects to complete in a given month. Hiring managers prefer job candidates that can hit the ground running when the start. That is, they want people who are organized. For example, managers must be able to divide projects into tasks, and assign those tasks to the right employees. They must have a general idea on how long the tasks will take so they can meet project deadlines. Part of organization is prioritizing projects. A manager never has a set number of projects. More projects come up which they must prioritize. The most important ones take precedence over others, especially requests from the president. Managers and employees with organizational skills know how to rearrange their schedules to get things done.

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills are extremely important. Most companies face dilemmas or problems, whether it’s faulty products, customer complaints or aggressive competitors. And there are usually multiple solutions for problems. In other words, employees may take several steps to derive a favorable outcome. Hiring managers want to hire people who know how to analyze problems and develop viable solutions. Companies hire workers who can demonstrate they can handle these types of situations. A job seeker may explain how he handled a similar problem on a previous job.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are also essential today. Almost everyone has a laptop or computer on their desks, or at least access to one. Sales people submit daily orders to their companies through computers. Those looking for jobs should know how to use the Internet for research and information. They must also be familiar with the most popular email packages. Other important software includes word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Cell phones are also like computers. Managers, in particular, must know how to retrieve messages and text with their cell phones.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are important for people in influential positions. Leaders take control of teams or departments. They know how to center their departments’ goals around those of their companies. Leaders must also know how to manage different types of employees. Some prefer more supervisor while others are more self-directed. They like challenges and want to take on more responsibilities. Leaders must also know how to motivate employees to achieve excellent results.


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  • April 2, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    I believe interpersonal skills as in people skills are also as important. Thanks for your input

  • April 7, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    i think analytical and solving problem skills are so important ones, really your company provides so useful opportunities for large number of people.


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