We need every Robocitan to contribute. To keep Robocity a welfare.

Dear Robocitans,

I’m sure you understand the currently ongoing financial situation. On 2010 and 2011 we’ve made use of bank loans to help funding our restructuring works around the city, as well as to build a new edifice. In recent weeks, then, we had to ask for car title loans in the amount of $6,000 to get more vehicles to use as public transport (please refer to the Robocity Public Transport page under the “Robocity” section of this site).

Naturally, you understand that all Robocitans ought to contribute a small amount for us to make it with monthly payments. Asking is never an easy task to perform, for us Leaders and for our Assistants, but it’s clear that the Robocity welfare needs everybody’s contribution to keep a stable balance; we give and we take, in equal measure.

Every contributing individual or family will receive a monthly statement and a report on the state of monthly payments.

I take for a given that you understand how expensive traditional title loans are, and how dangerous they can turn for “poor” customers such as us Robocitans. You’ll convene with me that we can’t let our lenders repossess our vehicles and to put us in financial trouble… Robocity would no longer exist. That risk is unacceptable.

That’s why we opted for a new car title loan product such like that provided by HelpingLoans.com. We need the best tools to keep our town at its own best.

Opinions? Suggestions? Any feedback?
We Leaders are here for you.

Thanks to helpingloans.com for help with this post.

~ C. Police (Leader)

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